Just out of Adobe Labs is a new free collaboration tool: Brio. Adobe Brio is a new free screen-sharing solution for up to three people which integrates text chat, whiteboarding, annotation, video, VoIP / teleconferencing, file-sharing and note-taking. Brio is fully based on the well-established and highly acclaimed Connect-Breeze web conferencing engine fro which it keeps all of its core functions while packaging in a more friendly, simplified and easier to use version.

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It is time to declare war on the traditional course syllabus. If there is one single artifact that pinpoints the degradation of liberal education, it is the rule-infested, punitive, controlling syllabus that is handed out to students on the first day of class.

Tomorrow’s Professor Blog: 834. Death to the Syllabus!

Most of my conference presentations over the last two months have focused on information visualization (see this recording from a session I did for elluminate). Visualizing information and data is a key resource to dealing with information overload. When technology manages and displays the relationships between data (does the cognitive grunt work for us), we ramp up to pattern recognition and reflection of implications. Here are a few additional resources I’ve recently come across:Gallery of Data visualizationModern approaches to data visualization16 awesome data visualization toolsDebunking Third world myths with the best stats you’ve ever seen (Hans Rosling – amazing!)New insights into poverty and life around the world (also Hans Rosling, and also amazing).I downloaded two of Rosling’s programs for use during my keynote in Lisbon in July: Dollar Street and World Health Chart…both very addictive tools, great for exploring complex data sets most people would typically walk. Rosling’s company – Gapminder – has since been purchased by Google.

elearnspace: Data Visualization